A Use Case of The Typical Vendor Finance Skeptic

Vendor’s property has been on the market for two and a half years. Vendor is offered a deposit of 25% of sale price. Vendor is offered repayment terms of 3 years (25% of the remainder per year). Vendor is offered an interest rate of 9% (current market rate is 5%). Vendor intends to invest the proceeds of the sale in cash at a rate of 5.19%. Vendor doesn’t like the sounds of vendor finance so doesn’t wish to proceed with the sale. Vendor continues to pay $456 in council rates each year. Vendor “just wants to sell the property already!”


A Tiny House for Under $5,000

Lately, I’ve spent a lot of time crunching the numbers for my tiny house build. To keep the price down and for  environmental reasons I intend to use as many reclaimed materials as I can. I redo the numbers over and over again and feel as though I am missing something. It seems it has costed everyone else $20-50k to build their tiny house. My design is slightly bigger – 7×3 metres – and the highest I have rung up is $4.5k – and that’s based on using new materials! Sure, this figure doesn’t include solar, water catchment or appliances. But with these things included, I still come in under $10k.

The Costs of Buying Lunch

Money. You would be forgiven for thinking that I am obsessed with the stuff, reading back over my posts. I’m not obsessed – well not in the usual way people might be obsessed with it – but extremely fascinated by it. I’m fascinated by the sacrifices people make to earn it, the frivolity with which they spend it, and the single-minded passion with which out societies look upon it; as though it is god and without it everything would go to ruin.

I was thinking about it today – as I often do – and I realised how desensitised I have become. I buy lunch most days and sometimes a coffee. I spend, on average, $11 per day. That’s $55 per week, $2860 per year. That’s a lot of money. In the scheme of what I earn, it really isn’t, but in the scheme of what else it could be spent on, it very much is. I have budgeted around $2000 for my solar system in my Desirable World. A very tangible way of analysing my spending habits is considering this.

Why do I buy lunch? Well, my workplace doesn’t really have a comfortable, quiet lunch area. People tend to eat lunch at their desks or in the loud and sterile kitchen. At lunch time I like my own space, I like to break away and be left with my thoughts. There is nowhere I can do that here. Nor outside. I work in an industrial estate and there is a shortage of pleasant outdoor spaces. A café or snack bar is the closest place I have to where I would like to spend my lunch break. So I spend it there. And I buy lunch. Considering the amount I could be saving and what it could do for me, I think I will make the sacrifice and will put up with my surroundings. Hey, it allows me to get to my savings target quicker and to transition into my Desirable World sooner. I think the sacrifices will be worth it.