My name is, for the sake of this blog at least, Pavel Bentham. I’m a rather abnormal middle-class, wage-slave that suffers suffered from a severe case of Satre’s “Bad Faith”. I’m on a journey to establish a better life for myself. I wish to buy land in rural Victoria (Australia). I wish to build a tiny house. I wish to develop the land following the permaculture philosophy. I wish to prove that you can live in a rural area without a car. Do say hi.


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  1. g’day pavel,

    be interesting to hear your ideas about living in rural without a car. how do you get medical help. a vegetarian could live a spartan life growing in season and depending on availability of water maybe a chook or 2 but then you may need to buy them grain, or they may not lay.

    anyhow do you have a plan

    no matter what buy good soil in reasonable rainfall area, say no less than 800mm per year.

    see our land baron essay might help, might not. also see our eco’ house essay.

    happy hunting

    • G’day, Len. Thanks for your thoughtful comment.

      Let me address a few points you raise in your comment.

      Medical help without a car. I contend that if one found themselves in a situation where immediate medical attention was required, say a heart attack, broken limb, or similar, they’d probably struggle to drive themselves to assistance even if it were an option. My ‘ideal’ property isn’t in woop-woop, so dire a situation would be if I couldn’t raise the alarm with at least somebody.

      Further, as a keen outdoorsman (my loves are in hiking, rock climbing and mountaineering) I am use to being away from medical help in much risker situations. It’s part of the thrill of life – not having all the safety nets available to you at all times.

      Spartan vegetarianism. I will not be on another planet nor poor, so what needs to be purchased can be.

      Do I have a plan? Indeed I do. Much of it can be read about here at this blog. This ‘dream’ has become a full-time job (almost!) with the planning that I am putting into it.

      Soil and water. In the Southern parts of the country rainfall of that quantity is unheard of. Unless I moved to a distant nook, that’s not viable. That said, where I am looking at buying gets a good 600mm on average. Soil isn’t a huge concern for me – I have been building the stuff for years; as an urban permaculturalist. That said, where I am looking at buying has pretty good soil.

      I’ll be sure to reread the articles you mention. I have read them in the past.

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