How Many Plants Should You Plant?

Ever wondered how many of a particular vegetable or fruit plant you should plant to produce enough food? This chart, thanks to one of my new readers Deezy, of Sufficiently Sufficient, may be of some help. As I wrote to Deezy, “It usually comes through season-long trial and error before I realise”. It’s usually once the season has concluded that I realise that I should have planted half a dozen more tomato plants. Ah well, from now on, the more, the better.

Asparagus: about 10-15 plants per person
Beans (Bush): about 15 plants per person
Beans (Pole): 2-4 poles of beans per person (each pole with the four strongest seedlings growing)
Beets: about 36 plants per person.
Broccoli: 3-5 plants per person

read on.


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