The Desirable World: The Beginning

Booking flights makes the trip seem real. It’s the breaking of dirt of a holiday. Well, I felt a similar sensation today buying a tape measure. Odd, no?


I’m heading to country Victoria on Saturday to check out a block. I bought the tape measure to take measurements of the

distance between vegetation on the eastern and southern boundaries and the “proposed dwelling site”. A lot rests on this. It’s for the Bushfire Management Statement which I’m required to submit in order to obtain a planning permit, should I proceed with the purchase of the block.

The tape measure symbolises that indeed this is real. I am going to the country to look at a block of land that I may come to own very soon. Which may, in a few years time, have a tiny house perched upon it that I built with my own hands. This all symbolises the real, tangible start of my journey towards the Desirable World.


2 thoughts on “The Desirable World: The Beginning

  1. A tangible first step. Congratulations! I appreciate the fact that you’re doing actual research on regulations, and planning to buy your own land instead of randomly parking in someone else’s backyard. As usual, I wish you the best of luck. Hopefully the block will be just perfect 🙂

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