My Permaculture Dream and the “Laws of Attraction”

According to the theory of the laws of attraction “focusing on positive or negative thoughts… can bring about positive or negative results“. In a practical sense, this could mean staying focused and striving to reach a particular goal. Scrapbooks, plans, mindmaps, etc, would help one achieve this task. To the ultra-ambitious – perhaps gullible, a la Marshall Sylver followers – this could mean blanketing their living room walls with pictures of the fancy houses and cars you would some day like to own. I’m big on planning. I like to get my head around the tiniest detail of an idea. I am also a very visual person. I like to see things. I like to picture ideas. I like to imagine myself in a situation as a part of plucking up the enthusiasm to take on the project. And that’s why I spent a bit of time today mocking up a design for my permaculture dream property – based on a block of land I am interested in that is very much within my means to own. Enjoy.

Permaculture Paradise - Victoria

My attempt at a rough permaculture-inspired design.


One thought on “My Permaculture Dream and the “Laws of Attraction”

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