My Itinerary: From Corporate Wage Slave to Tiny House Owner in 2 Years

I’d like to thank Khala at Tiny House Love for allowing me to borrow her formatting.

So, what do I intend to do? Where to from here? What is my roadmap to my Desirable World. Let me share it with you:

Phase 1 – Now-June 2014

  • Pay down all debt. Almost there.
  • Save like crazy. This will come once my debt is paid down. Unless I buy land first.
  • Buy land.
  • Plan dwelling. Already started but it will depend on the land I ultimately buy.
  • Get business to stage where it can pay an adequate passive wage.

Phase 2 – June 2014-September 2014

  • Move to a large regional centre near the block. This will give me access to large hardware stores, etc, in order to renovate the caravan and set up the block.
  • Take on part-time work for extra income. Doing anything. This will be my final phase of doing work that I may not enjoy for an instrumental purpose.
  • Buy and renovate a caravan (trailer, for my American friends).
  • Work at the block some weekends – start establishing gardens, build a shed, outhouse, install a rainwater tank. As I intend to relocate to the block during the peak growing season it would be daft of me not to set up some sort of garden in order to provide me with fresh food and seeds for saving.

Phase 3 – September 2014-November 2014

  • Relocate to the block (live temporarily in the caravan). This will require a permit – most councils cap these permits at 12 months.
  • Establish solar power system. I will initially erect this on the roof of the shed. I intend to buy 4 180W panels and enough batteries to get me through 24 – 48 hours. I will also buy a generator.
  • Increase the size of the gardens.
  • Take delivery of materials for the tiny house.

Phase 4 – November 2014-January 2015

  • Build foundations. Obviously the best place to start. I am yet to decide whether to go post ‘n’ pier or concrete.
  • Install floor.
  • Install main structure. Standard timber (90x45mm) stud work.
  • Install roof.
  • Install cladding, doors and windows (it is now at “lock up”).
  • Install the “bones” of the interior. Internal walls, furniture (built-in desk, couch, bed, etc), and bathroom.

Phase 5 – January 2015-February 2015.

  • Move into the tiny house. This will be the peak of summer, so probably a good idea to move into a much better insulated dwelling.
  • Finish fitting our the interior, e.g. decorating, etc.
  • Done.

To be sure, there are a lot of sub-tasks that I haven’t mentioned in the above. Things like navigating council and government red tape. However, that’s my itinerary at a high-level. The core, if you will, of what I intend to do over the next couple of years.


4 thoughts on “My Itinerary: From Corporate Wage Slave to Tiny House Owner in 2 Years

    • Thanks for the tip, Deezy. From the observations I have made in my own place and from my research, a concrete slab seems to be the way to go. This place has poorly insulated timber floors. We get little sun through the east/west windows. There is no yield. Instead, we have to bring in external sources of heating, e.g. electric heater.

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