On Dealing with Real Estate Agents

Some of the dealings I have had with real estate agents in my quest for land. Gosh. No wonder some properties stay on the market for as long as they do.

I’ve had some good experiences. I email. They respond quickly, thoroughly and courteously. Others, though. I wait for days for a response. The responses are short, impersonal and often don’t even attempt to answer the questions.

Today for instance. I sent a rather thorough set of question to a agent that is handling a block of land that has been on the market for over a year. I enquired about the land some months back – when I was very new to all of this and probably a little naive. I have a better understanding of zoning, planning applications, etc, now. So I emailed the agent again, with a new set of questions, that really made or broke the property for me.

I get a response a few hours later. He answers one of about six questions and it is nothing more than a fob-off. “Speak to Council”. Great, I will do. Now, would you kindly answer my other questions Mr Real Estate Man. I am a potential customer, who could well be the one to take that block of land that he has been trying to sell for yonks off his hand. Where’s the service?

The best I have dealt with so far are owner-sellers. They seem to really care about helping the buyer. Though, this could be a ploy – but in my experience so far, sellers have been quite honest. If only I could track down the owner of this block and make him an offer directly.


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