Living off-grid without a car

Tonight’s been a great night. I got my first comment on Desirable World and I stumbled upon the OffTheGridNews website – what a marvellous resource. I commented on an interesting article titled, “How You Can Live Off-The-Grid In The City“. John, the author, suggested to “live in a location where you can limit driving and its expenses as much as possible.” My response:

“Oddly enough I intend to do this by living in a rural area. I have two locations – where there are blocks of land that I am interested in – that are well away from any service towns but are still within cycling distance. These towns are on major public transport routes. I don’t drive, you see. So for big-ticket trips, public transport will be vital. To resupply, cycling will be sufficient – my bike is fitted with racks, panniers, etc.

I think driving can be eliminated regardless of whether we live in an urban or rural area. It depends on how dedicated [or willing] we are to other means of transportation.

When it comes to building my house, as I don’t drive, I will need to enlist additional help. But that’s ok – in the long-term it will still come out cheaper than owning and running a car.”


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