Tiny House: My Dream

Part of my desirable world is living in a house that is paid for – no more rent and no mortgage repayments. The way I see it, rent and debt just lead to more wage slavery. This is especially the case when they consume so much of our yearly earnings. Fact: I spent nearly $20k last year in rent alone. More than 1/3 of my salary. It doesn’t stop there. What is one to do when they earn a nice, middle-class salary (through selling their soul for mundane monkey-work) and live in a nice middle-class house? That’s right, live a nice middle-class lifestyle. Dinners out, pricey bottles of wine, trips to IKEA, shopping for clothes. It happens. Sure, it doesn’t have to happen but it does. When one works in a middle-class job they are expected to dress and behave a certain way. It sucks you in. Well, it did me.

I want a house that I can build myself with money that I can immediately bring to bear. No debt. Hence, the tiny house. Affordable. Everything I need. No extra fluff. Too small? For some, I am sure. But I could get on in one just fine. After all, if it is positioned on a picturesque block of rural land somewhere – again, for affordability; there is some cheap land available in Australia – why would you want to spend all your time indoors?

Tiny House


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