Welcome to A Desirable World

Hi. My name is Pavel Bentham. Welcome to my blog. The purpose of this blog is for me to share my world-views. High on the agenda are things like philisophy of work, simple living, homesteading and the pursuit of happiness. I live in Australia so will speak from an Australian persective – refreshing, I think, amongst the sea of similar American blogs.

I have chosen to write behind a cloak of anonymity. Not in any sense of trying to proclude myself of responsibility – I don’t intend to get up to no good. Rather, to keep my two worlds apart. One world is the one I live in – where I interact with matter, hold relationships, work for money, and suffer from depression and a lack of fulfilment. The other is the one I strive to live in. The world I intend to create for myself. A world in which I act more purposefully, hold positive relationships and live deliberately rather than just plod along, worrying about silly things.

Unfortunately, I feel that talk about this desirable world could compromise my current world. Some of the things I will be talking about here will be critical of my employer, my relationships, my lifestyle and the system in which these exist. I’m not prepared right now to have these thoughts attached to my real name. I’m too fragile for that right now.

So, for now, I, Pavel Bentham, warmly welcome you to this, my chronical, diary, manifesto; desirable world.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to A Desirable World

  1. Your blog caught my attention because my family and I are currently going through the process of downsizing. Long story short the housing bubble bursts and the bank crisis in U.S. sunk us in all aspects of our life: wages decreased, high mortgage payment and payoff too high for what it was worth and cost of living rose. So we decided to walk away! We filed chapter 7 and decided to move in with a friend to save cash so we can purchase a home or build with cash. I think that some of us woke up and decided a simpler life means more: less stress, slow life and more time with family and friends. So I look forward to following you and updates on your mission to downsize and have a simpler life. Have a great day, Allie.

    • Hi Allie,

      So excited to receive your comment. This blog has been up for what feels like ten seconds and already a comment. 🙂

      Sorry to hear about what has gone on in the States. We were affected by it here too in Australia. However, our Labor government did well at keeping us afloat – plus we have a mining (export) sector we can rely on. But I am also glad that it happened as it sounds like it has positively spun your life around. Sometimes it takes a shock of that magnitude to change things. I wish you all the best with your plans. And, too, look forward to following your story.

      The odd thing with me is that I am earning the most money I have ever earned. Also what’s odd – when compared to old Pavel – is that I am spending the least I have ever spent. I save well over 50% of my wage since my “discovery”. It’s liberating.

      Anyways, I look forward to engaging with you further.


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